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How To Download Driver for HP Envy 5052 Printer? 123.hp.com/setup 5052

Hp printers are well capable of giving their users the best printing experience. They can print from mobile devices and remote workstations through a good network connection. Here in this blog, you will get to know about the HP Envy 5052 Printer, what issues people sometimes face to download its drivers and how to install drivers for HP Envy 5052 Printer? When the hp printer user bought a new HP Envy 5052 Printer he/she is suggested by the experts to go on 123.hp.com/setup for easy installation of the needed hp printer drivers and software.


Because it is one of the easiest ways to download needed drivers and software for HP Envy 5052 Printer. If you are dealing with your new hp printer, don’t worry it is not that difficult. Setting up a new Hp printer becomes so easy when users get experts’ guidance. And below we have mentioned the ways on how to setup HP Envy 5052 Printer using 123.hp.com/setup.

Steps for installing printer and on HP setup:

Before staring the hp-setup procedure make sure that you have placed your printer parcel box near you. Do not stop reading! Follow the easy and simple steps for a smooth hp printer setup.

  • For unpacking the Hp printer, find a place that is spacious and sturdy, because you don’t want your brand new Hp printer to fall. Now start unboxing your printer and remove all the tapes (it’s the most interesting thing to do while unpacking).
  • Now, clean the table on which you want to place your printer, make sure it should not has any dirt particle and placed near to the computer. Next, get the printer out carefully without damaging any sides of it.
  • Don’t throw the printer carton, as it has other accessories related to your HP Envy 5052 Printer.
  • Connect the wire of your printer with the power supply point and switch on your printer.
  • Now, next, you have to insert ink cartridge and printing papers. The step followed by aligning the ink cartridge and print papers. Now you can take a deep breath because you have crossed half side of the way.
  • Now you need to do in hp-setup is- driver download and network setup. If you want your HP Envy 5052 Printer to work perfectly, choose the most recent version of drivers. If you don’t know the steps to download the Hp envy printer drivers, no issues you can easily precede with 123.hp.com/setup.
  • To download the drivers and software you have two options- by CD and another is online. Hp envy printer driver CD will come along with the printer, you can insert the CD in your PC and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • And in online hp envy printer download, you need to go 123.hp.com/setup and after reaching the driver downloads, you might get confused by seeing so much of printer drivers.
  • Enter the name and model of your Hp envy 5052 printers, select from the result page and click download option.
  • Later install the Hp envy 5052 printer driver- 123.hp.com.

All the above steps are easy to do, but in case you come up with any doubts, you can ask the experts by dialing our toll-free number.

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