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We are working incessantly to provide assistance for HP printer setup issues and here we are providing some quick insights to deal with such issues.

Grab Optimum Help To Set Up Hp Printer Through 123.Hp.Com/Setup Step By Step

Everything is shifting to new trends so is HP Printer as it comes with numerous futuristic features and functionalities allowing users to print documents/ images, scan and other relating jobs with utmost level of ease & comfort. However, there are several models available which come up with their own installation software & drivers, thanks to 123.hp.com/setup which support all major operating systems (mobile or desktop version) including IOS, Android & Windows. 




The process of setting up any kind of such devices is relatively very easy and straightforward these days as numerous websites available which allow users to downloading software along with the installation guide for different models. Here, by going through this blog, you will get to know about the process to set it up through 123.hp.com/setup with optimum level of ease.

Below is a proper explanation of steps which would surely allow users to set up printing device on windows operating system:

Step 1:

Firstly, connect HP printer and power using a power capable and make use of USB to connect your device to computer system.    

Additional Note: Before proceeding further steps, make sure your device is plugged in and is properly connected with wire or wirelessly.

Step 2:

Go to ‘Start Menu’ & move to ‘Settings’ option appeared as a gear-shaped icon.

Step 3:

Click ‘Devices’ option & once done, you should quickly choose option says ‘Printers & Scanners’.

Step 4:

Now, opt for the option stating ‘Add A Printer or Scanner’ & go to ‘Add Device’ option which would be beneficial for setting up connection between device & personal computer system. 

Step 5:

To make sure your device is connected and working properly, you should print a page for testing purposes. 

Supplementary Advice:

If there any adjustments or changes needed in printing settings, you can visit to 123.hp.com and fetch the necessary guidelines.

Get The Real Time Troubleshooting Solution If Any Problem Is Encountered

Besides, during the course of adjusting setting, you might confront any kind of technical glitches or hurdles. For that, you can get in touch with professionals who are proficient in providing the required assistance via which preferred options can be applied for your HP printer.

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Learn how to setup HP printer using 123.hp.com/setup?

If you’re setting up your HP printer firstly, you should follow some easy instructions. These instructions will make sure that you will not find out any type of technical difficulty while performing HP printer setup using 123.hp.com/setup for first time. These steps are very helpful for you to set up HP printer in the simple ways.

The first time procedure of HP setup includes both Hardware and Software setups. When it comes to hardware setup procedure, you need to commence from the beginning. It involves unpacking, cartridge installation, and loading paper in the printing machine. But always remember that some printing machines are safe and secure with the tape.

The Software setup includes downloading and installing the correct set of printer drivers and software

Step1-To commence the procedure for first time HP printer setup, begin with opening the packaging of a fresh printing machine

Step2-Move on the wrapping from both inside and outside

Step3- Next, your next step of HP setup is to link printing device along with power supply source and turn it on

Step4- You should put all the original HP printer cartridges in their particular windows slots.

Step5-You must load A-4 size white black sheets into the input tray and lineup it as per the instructions.

Step6-After that, you have to move towards downloading and installing the needed driver for successful printing procedure.


Easy steps to download HP printer driver using 123.hp.com

When setting up fresh HP printer, downloading and installing the drivers rightly is the most important part of downloading procedure. You can simply download the particular HP printer drivers either from CD given by the manufacturer or 123.hp.com page. This page will assist you in guiding the step-by-step procedure.

Easy steps to download printer drivers successfully

Step1-To start the process, you have to link your printing device with the network either using LAN cord or USB cable.

Step2-You should visit 123.hp.com to download the new drivers, firmware, and software

Step3-You have to pick up the downloaded file to run it and follow the steps provided on the monitor.

Step4-When hp setup wizard prompts, you have to connect it to a printing device that you’re using with assistance of USB cord.

Simple technical instructions to setup HP printer using 123.hp.com/setup

To set up HP printer, you should install the printer drivers using 123.hp.com/setup and follow on-screen explained steps for hp setup procedure.


Step1-First of all, you need to unbox the printing machine.

Step2- Secondly, check carefully the contents of Box-printer devices and accessories and make possible efforts to find out the printer frills and other filling for complete printing procedure.

Step3- Then, you need to load the paper into the paper tray of your printing device.

Step4:-You have to link HP printer to power cable and turn on the printing machine.

Step5:- You need to put the ink cartridges and begin the test printing job.

Step6-When the hardware setup procedure is completed, you have to install the drivers and setup HP printer in the right technical ways through 123.hp.com .

With all these above instructions, you can setup HP printer successfully. Still, if you’re troubling any technical problems, you can call our printer experts immediately.

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How To Download Driver for HP Envy 5052 Printer? 123.hp.com/setup 5052

Hp printers are well capable of giving their users the best printing experience. They can print from mobile devices and remote workstations through a good network connection. Here in this blog, you will get to know about the HP Envy 5052 Printer, what issues people sometimes face to download its drivers and how to install drivers for HP Envy 5052 Printer? When the hp printer user bought a new HP Envy 5052 Printer he/she is suggested by the experts to go on 123.hp.com/setup for easy installation of the needed hp printer drivers and software.


Because it is one of the easiest ways to download needed drivers and software for HP Envy 5052 Printer. If you are dealing with your new hp printer, don’t worry it is not that difficult. Setting up a new Hp printer becomes so easy when users get experts’ guidance. And below we have mentioned the ways on how to setup HP Envy 5052 Printer using 123.hp.com/setup.

Steps for installing printer and on HP setup:

Before staring the hp-setup procedure make sure that you have placed your printer parcel box near you. Do not stop reading! Follow the easy and simple steps for a smooth hp printer setup.

  • For unpacking the Hp printer, find a place that is spacious and sturdy, because you don’t want your brand new Hp printer to fall. Now start unboxing your printer and remove all the tapes (it’s the most interesting thing to do while unpacking).
  • Now, clean the table on which you want to place your printer, make sure it should not has any dirt particle and placed near to the computer. Next, get the printer out carefully without damaging any sides of it.
  • Don’t throw the printer carton, as it has other accessories related to your HP Envy 5052 Printer.
  • Connect the wire of your printer with the power supply point and switch on your printer.
  • Now, next, you have to insert ink cartridge and printing papers. The step followed by aligning the ink cartridge and print papers. Now you can take a deep breath because you have crossed half side of the way.
  • Now you need to do in hp-setup is- driver download and network setup. If you want your HP Envy 5052 Printer to work perfectly, choose the most recent version of drivers. If you don’t know the steps to download the Hp envy printer drivers, no issues you can easily precede with 123.hp.com/setup.
  • To download the drivers and software you have two options- by CD and another is online. Hp envy printer driver CD will come along with the printer, you can insert the CD in your PC and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • And in online hp envy printer download, you need to go 123.hp.com/setup and after reaching the driver downloads, you might get confused by seeing so much of printer drivers.
  • Enter the name and model of your Hp envy 5052 printers, select from the result page and click download option.
  • Later install the Hp envy 5052 printer driver- 123.hp.com.

All the above steps are easy to do, but in case you come up with any doubts, you can ask the experts by dialing our toll-free number.

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Visit 123.hp.com/setup to fix Driver Unavailable Error on Windows 10

Sometimes, a printer driver is unavailable error is displayed on the driver program that is installed on the Microsoft windows 10 computer. This error usually crops up when the printer’s driver is not updated, if driver is corrupted or you still need to install windows 10 updates. Thus, in order to check from where, this driver unavailable error is pops up; you need to look into the driver or the operating system. To fix this issue on windows 10 PC, you should download the latest printer driver. For this, you can visit 123.hp.com/setup and download your desired printer driver software easily. Before that, you can also follow the few troubleshooting steps to eliminate this error.  


Reinstall the Printer Driver

As we discussed earlier, a corrupt or incompatible printer driver might be the underlying reason for the occurrence of printer driver error on windows. So, you should install a right printer driver on your windows 10 PC if you want to troubleshoot the error that won’t let you take printout. If that is the case, then follow the below steps:  

  • Press windows key and R key on the keyboard simultaneously to launch the run program.
  • Type devmgmt.msc in the run dialog box and then hit enter.
  • From the opened window look for your installed printer on the computer.
  • Right-click on it and then select uninstall device.
  • To confirm the above changes, you need to click uninstall upon prompt.
  • Now, download the appropriate printer driver from hp.com/setup and install it on your computer to see if that fix the issue.

Install Windows Updates Manually

If you haven’t turned on Automatic updates on Windows until now, and your operating system is out-of-date hereafter, it might make your printer driver to go unavailable for the temporarily basis. It will be exterminate until troubleshooting steps for printing are not taken properly. Follow the below mentioned steps to install Windows updates and troubleshoot the driver is unavailable error on Windows 10 PC.

  • Go for Start button on desktop, write update in the search box, and then you need to select check for updates.
  • Again, you need to confirm the same on Windows Update and then under Update Status.
  • If you see “Updates Are Available” option, then you will see a dialog box that displaying the percentage remaining.
  • Once the update completes, simply restart your PC and then try printing a page to see if the printer issues is resolved that occurred without warning.

After performing above stated steps, you can easily fix printer Driver Unavailable Error on Windows 10. If not, then take online support to get of this error in an efficient manner.

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